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Top Questions from Customers

The simple way to differentiate between each of these are the ‘Client Area‘ is where you look after and manage your Tilda Hosting account, whereas the ‘cPanel‘ is where you manage your web hosting space.

Client Area

Managing your Tilda Hosting Account:

  • Update your Contact Details so we can contact you
  • View, pay and download Invoices
  • Create, upgrade and view your Web Hosting
  • Manage your Domain Name, change Name Servers, reset passwords, view expiry and renew details.
  • Reset your Password for your Web Hosting package (cPanel)
  • Access our knowledgebase articles for self-help
  • Create, update and view your Support Tickets
  • View any historical Emails that we have sent you

Managing your Web Hosting package:

  • Create Email Accounts, forwarders, autoresponders and fight SPAM with SpamAssassin
  • You can Park, addon and attach other domains to be your Web Hosting package
  • Update DNS zone records for your Domain Name
  • Edit and back up files/folders via FTP or File Manager, whilst monitoring your disk usage
  • Create and manage Databases

There are two areas where you’ll need a password. The ‘Client Area‘ or for your ‘cPanel‘. These two passwords maybe different to each other and are not linked together.

For your ‘Client Area‘, Go to the ‘Client Area’ login page (here) and click the ‘Forgot Password?‘ button.

To reset your ‘cPanel‘ password, its a little bit different. You need to log into the ‘Client Area‘, select your Hosting Package and then change it. These steps are:

  1. Log into the ‘Client Area‘ – At the Top or Bottom of this page, or click here
  2. On the Top Menu, click ‘Services‘ then ‘My Services
  3. Click on your Hosting Package that you need updating
  4. Once the page opens, select ‘Change Password‘ from under the ‘Actions‘ on the left hand side.

The ‘Client Area‘ enables you to make all payments for any invoices that you have with us. We also offer multiple forms of payment.

To Make a payment, log into the ‘Client Area‘ – at the top or bottom of this page, or click here.

  1. On the Top Menu, click ‘Billing‘ then ‘My Invoices
  2. Click on the ‘unpaid’ invoice that you’d like to pay
  3. When the invoice opens, you can then select the ‘Payment Method‘ that you’d like to use from the dropdown box.
    • Credit Card will display a ‘Pay Now’ button
    • PayPal will display a ‘PayPal checkout’ button
    • Bank Transfer will show you our account details
  4. Next steps for payment
    • For ‘Credit Card’ and ‘PayPal’, click the button and follow the payment prompts
    • For ‘Bank Transfer’, make the payment into our account. We will then keep an eye out for payment mark the payment as received when it comes through.
      Allow 2-3 days for the deposit to show in our account.
      Please use your invoice number as the reference.