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Email Hosting

No matter what business you’re in, a professional-grade email platform is crucial to staying connected with your customers. Tilda Hosting’s Exchange Online cloud platform brings increased security and reliability to you and your staff from any location and on any device.

So what’s so good about it?, Exchange Online sync’s your emails, calendars and contacts to all your devices in real time. So it’s up to date everywhere, no messing around. Best of all there is no server upgrades to think about.

If you lose your phone you can choose to have it wiped remotely, it’s all within your control.

Popular Plans

Exchange Online is built with worry-free security and generous capacity in mind. We utilise industry-leading anti-malware and anti-spam protection whilst giving you a massive 50 GB mailbox per user and allows you to send messages of up to 150 MB in size.

Exchange Online (1)

$ 6.00 user / month
  • Business class Email, Calendar, and Contacts
  • Anti-malware & anti-spam protection
  • 50GB mailbox

Exchange Online (2)

$ 12.00 user / month
  • Business class Email, Calendar, and Contacts
  • Anti-malware & anti-spam protection
  • 50GB mailbox
  • In-Place Archiving
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) based on PII and PCI

Pricing based on an annual subscription, with a monthly or annual payment option

Email everywhere, No onsite server hassles

Exchange Online is more than just email. You get to manage your contacts, calendars, tasks and email no matter if your in the office, traveling between locations or with a customer. Because it’s hosted in the cloud, you get to concentrate on your business and not a locally hosted server and backups. Driving down costs.

Always on

A 99.9% uptime means that you can access your email anywhere, anytime.

On any device

Whether you’re working in the office or on the go, you get the same familiar experience across every device.

Worry-free email

Security builtin. With Microsoft’s business-class email, anti-spam and anti-virus protection is standard. No servers or software to upgrade.

Easy Management

You can access the easy-to-use admin center from anywhere to manage all of your email accounts.

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