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Whether you’re a first time domain owner, are snatching up a cool new domain name you just thought of, or your just need to transfer your existing domain over to your new website, Tilda Hosting can help.

Partnering with several Australian domain name providers, Tilda Hosting ensure their clients get the best possible domain name registration service, support and price. You’ll be able to register .com and .au as well as many other domains (see listing below).

And there’s no golden rule that says you can only have one domain name. Go ahead and get creative…

Tilda Hosting recommend that you purchase your business name as the domain for your company website, but don’t stop there. If you have a Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media profiles, that you want to share with the world, consider buying an easy to remember domain name to use on your marketing materials.

Australian Domains Price  $22 / yr  $22 / yr  $22 / yr  $22 / yr  $22 / yr
  • Minimum of 2 years registration for .au domains
International Domains Price
 .com  $16.50 / yr
 .net  $16.50 / yr
 .org  $16.50 / yr
 .biz  $16.50 / yr
 .info  $16.50 / yr
 .asia  $16.50 / yr
.me $38 / yr
.tv $66 / yr

Domain Questions…

A Domain Name is is simply ‘a name‘. As humans we like to communicate with words, whilst computers like to communicate with numbers. So Domain Names became the way for us humans to find each other on the internet.

Domain Names play an essential part of communicating and finding businesses and people on the Internet. Its much like the ‘physical address‘ of your business or home, without it your friends wouldn’t know where to come and visit you.

A Domain Name also allows people to contact you via Email, eg:

Having a Domain Name is also a professional way to display your business online, and email address like doesn’t carry the professionalism like

When choosing a domain name, you should consider your geographical area that your business and industry is targeting.

In Australia, the and domain names are typically targeted for use. As you’d expect, people then know that you are in Australia and/or targeting the Australian market. People also buy the .com domain to be seen more global and to ensure their business is seen more widely.

Also try and keep your domain name short, so that its easily readable, writable and searchable for people to find you. for example; takes a while to write and people can make mistakes writing it, whereas is easier.

Simply search for a domain name in the form at the top of our site to see what Domain Names are ‘taken‘ or ‘available‘.

The ‘au Domain Administration‘ (auDA) have regulations for who can register an Australian Domain.

The or domains can only be registered to Australian sole traders, businesses or companies. You will need to provide either an ABN, ACN, State Business Number, Trademark Number or Incorporated Association Number when going through the registration process.

Only Australian non-profit organisations and registered charities can register a domain.

Australian associations, clubs, sporting groups, political parties and close equivalents may register a domain names, however associations must be nonprofit.